May. 3rd, 2010

HMD/Contact Post

This is the HMD/Crit post for Saya Otonashi @ [info]marinasylum. I'm very receptive to crit and comments, so please feel free to leave some suggestions. Anon commenting should be on, and if it's not it's my IJ-ignorance showing.

Alternatively, you can contact me at:
AIM: Lenasillfame
Livejournal: Lenainverse

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Marina Timeline

Timeline for Marina Asylum

Timeline - Saya Otonashi )

Relationship Meme

Relationships Meme for Marina Asylum

Comment here to read what Saya thinks of your character!

Marina Application

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May. 2nd, 2010

Blood+ abilities post // plotting post

This is a post detailing the abilities of Saya and Diva of Blood+ as well as their Chevaliers, and also for discussion involving plotting with Saya and Diva in [info]marinasylum.

Special Abilities )

Plotting notes )